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Since time out of mind, people have been running away from danger in search for places where they would be able to live full and rewarding lives.

The migrants today are no different; they are fleeing their homes for exactly the same reasons – they feel at risk and unsafe, or simply see no hope for a better future in their home country. Leaving their home is just as hard for them as it would be for us, too. They often cannot even imagine what lies ahead of them after they flee their country, only relying on incomplete or misleading information provided by people who want to take advantage of their desperate situation.

LEAP seeks to improve education and helps find talents and train new leaders across countries troubled by conflicts, poor economic conditions or deteriorating environment.We believe that the best way to mitigate the consequences of migration is to identify and uproot its causes.

Our mission

It is impossible to eliminate all the problems countries are facing which cause migration, but we can show the young promising talents that the future is in their hands. The only way we can do this is through targeted awareness-raising, counselling and mentoring activities.

Our vision

We are realists with a very clear vision of our possibilities to make a change. Instead of setting spectacular but vague goals, we have chosen to take a path made of small, well-targeted steps that will, over time, result in improvements in economic, legal, safety or environmental conditions which are among the most frequent causes driving people out of their homes.

Our activities

Some of our activities we do at home, in Slovakia, where we prepare projects and from where we provide legal counselling and assistance, as well as online mentoring, training and education. This is also where we organise educational exchange programmes for young people from abroad. Another part of our work involves missions abroad, always thoroughly thought-out in advance with specifically set goals and objectives. We focus on organising humanitarian, educational and social projects, and environmental awareness-raising and information activities.

If you’re interested, take a look at our preparation and how we help those in need abroad. Here’s our photo gallery that we constantly expand.

Our projects

In addition to one-time activities aimed at immediate aid, we also deal with long-term aid projects. They are in the center of our attention, because they allow us to achieve a systematic and permanent change of an unfavorable situation for the better.

Of course, we wouldn't be able to do all of this without help, and right here we would like to thank our partners, without whom it would not be possible.


Why do you think people need education? Do you think that education alone will be enough to improve their lives?

We believe education is a key to success, better life, better work, personal development, and, most of all, mutual understanding. Educated people are, in a majority of cases, capable of critical thinking and solving their problems more effectively than uneducated people. Education alone may improve their lives but the learning process itself is by far more important as it contributes to their personal growth and personality or communication skills development.

Why do you not support education in Slovakia instead?

Slovakia provides free education from primary schools through to universities, and everyone has a right to free education. Third-world countries struggling with existential problems often lack even the primary-level education. Therefore, it is all the more important to ensure access to education directly in those countries, as it may serve as an effective means of prevention of further unrest, disasters or conflicts.

What makes you different from other organisation?

What makes us different from other organisations working in this area is mainly our approach to providing assistance in the form of “mental” rather than material values. Your home, car, money or property may be stolen, destroyed or taken away, but everything you have learned is yours for good. We seek leadership potential in people, trying to continuously enhance their skills and capacities in hope they will pass on the knowledge and skills they obtain.

How can I check how my donation was used?

Financial and economic operations of non-profit organisations are governed by Act No. 213/1997 (the Act on Non-for-profit Organisations Providing Services in General Interest), therefore, we are required to publish final annual reports which contain all the necessary information. Annual reports are available in our organisation’s office, as well as on our website. We can provide you more detailed information by email or in person when you visit our office.

How can I help?

Simply click on the relevant section on our website to display all available options. One option is a financial donation; another option is to become a member of our team or a volunteer. Last but not least, there are awareness-raising activities – feel free to discuss volunteering and helping people in troubled countries with your friends.

How true is that the migration issue is misused by non-for-profit organisations for their own financial benefits?

It is the very nature of non-profit organisations that they do not seek to generate profits – the funds they raise must be invested into projects designed to assist and help people as defined.The use of money can also be simply checked in an annual report which must always be verified by an independent auditor. And, last but not least, our objective is to improve the living conditions in unstable and risky countries, thus trying to contribute to mitigating the causes of migration.

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